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    Welcome to New York wedding dress!




    Suzhou is located in Suzhou Huqiu City lovers wedding dress wedding dress wholesale market in the street, looking for a wedding in Suzhou street, Suzhou street, Suzhou wedding dress wedding dress, wedding Suzhou Huqiu street, Suzhou street, wedding dress, wedding dress of Suzhou City lovers to provide personal customization, export,. To create the perfect female wedding dress, fine workmanship, the three-dimensional cutting technology selection on fabrics, embroidery color collocation to strengthen the details from the local color, highlight the elegant personality. At the same time, the company also absorbed a lot of elements in Europe and America, more concise and detailed features into the design, so that the bride wearing comfortable and elegant, but also elegant temperament. The company aims to follow the pace of the times, constantly updated, improve the wedding taste, the eternal to each new person.

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